The impact of this by-law will be incredible and far-reaching. Similar bans have been implemented in Toronto, Mississauga and Richmond, BC. Puppy in cage


Within two years of Albuquerque, New Mexico banning the sale of animals in pet stores the shelter adoption rate increased 23% and euthanasia decreased 35%.


Kingston has the opportunity to be at the forefront of this movement – to truly be a leader – and make a huge difference for the animals and people of our community. 


1. Fewer animals will be abandoned in shelters and rescues and at risk of euthanasia.


2. The by-law will begin to address the pet overpopulation issue in our community – fewer animals sold in pet stores means fewer homeless animals.Sad bunny in pet store cage


3. The burden on animal welfare organizations will be lightened because fewer animals will be unwanted.


4. Those looking to adopt dogs, cats and rabbits will be more likely to turn to a shelter or rescue for an animal, increasing adoption rates for local organizations and giving more animals a chance at the life they deserve.


5. Fewer animals will be purchased from negligent breeders who are merely interested in turning a profit. This will decrease the number of pets with genetic deficiencies and serious health problems due to improper breeding.